Yexsy Alicea has over 17 years’ experience working in the field of public healthcare and HIV education and prevention. This primary focus has afforded him the opportunity to work with multiple community-based organizations, improving the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.

Mr. Alicea currently is employed at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as the Health Educator, working with adolescents, undertaking Sexual Health Education and Risk reduction counseling, and helping our teens to make healthier sexual health decisions.

He also holds a position as a Community outreach officer in one of CHOP’s employee resource group and holds a seat at the Diversity Counsel, lead by the CEO of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Mr. Alicea works with CHOP global health office to develop an education programs for the most impoverished community in the Dominican Republic. He has also done similar work in Caracas, Venezuela. Global Health is one of Mr. Alicea’s passions.
Prior to his current role at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Mr. Alicea created and implemented an HIV testing program in a small community base organization servicing the Latino community in the city of Philadelphia. Being the 1st of its kind, it became very successful, resulting in high rates of positivity in the City.