“Life changing” are the words Vicki uses the most when describing her involvement with PPES. She has visited the school several times and when she returns home to Maryland, looks forward to her next trip back to Anupshahr. While at the school she assisted with Medical Clinics and has secured donations of medications, instructional health materials as well as medical supplies to outfit the Health Center. She was also fortunate enough to work with fellow volunteer Craig Miller in helping to set up the Electronic Medical Records System at the center. Her hope is that with the exposure to quality medical care at Prana, some of the girls will be interested in continuing their education in the pursuit of some type of medical career.

As a Psychiatric Liaison Specialist, Vicki is particularly interested in the psychological well being of the PPES female staff, girls, and women of the villages.

She now serves on the U.S. Advisory Board and is a committee member for the planning of the Annual PPES Gala in Virginia, USA.