Dr. Crystal Kasper completed her graduate studies in Optometry at Nova Southeastern University. Since 2009, Dr. Kasper has practiced in multi-doctor facilities caring for ocular diseases, as well as all aspects of vision care. She is a partner in Lakewood, CO, where her focus is neurorehabilitation.

Dr. Kasper’s passion to care for people and their health has led her on three medical missions. She has volunteered for Feed the Children’s Medical Mission Team, Global Brigades’ outreach for eye care in Honduras, and most recently, Crystal traveled to PPES, where she provided eye care to the students and their families. India was a life-changing experience for Dr. Kasper. Seeing the opportunity and hope for a rewarding future that Pardada Pardadi provides to young girls and women in the community greatly impacted her. She looks forward to watching the students succeed in their life and to providing ongoing eye care to the people of this special place.