She first traveled to India and PPES for several months in 2010. Mary raised funds to build the health center, as well as Prana Health Center, as well as operational expenses for the program.  She is committed to bringing quality medical care to the students, staff, and villagers of Annupshar.  Mary is dedicated and committed to improving the lives of the girls at PPES and has worked tirelessly on many projects at the school. She recently returned from her 9th trip to the school. She brings other volunteers along with her as well.

During her initial visit, recognizing the lack of health and hygiene, she taught the girls to brush their teeth and wash their hands with soap. In 2012 she returned to open a health center for the girls, hire the school nurse, Elsa, and stock the center with donated medical supplies from the US.  She has developed partnerships with Vitamin Angels, which provides vitamins, deworming medication and Vitamin A to our students, as well as villagers, as well as other medical aid organizations.

Mary feel fortunate to have discovered her purpose and passion at this stage of her life–working to improve the lives of the girls and their families at PPES.  She remains committed, as she understands how easy it is to make a difference at the school, and how grateful the people are for the simplest things.