Julie Gates is a Physician Assistant with a Master’s of Public Health. She has worked in primary care in the Philadelphia area since 2001. She has a special interest in the health of women and girls. Julie first visited India in 2000, spending two months there and falling in love with the people and their vibrant culture. In 2014, she learned about the mission and dedication of PPES to the girls of rural India and decided to become involved. Julie provided financial support for the construction of the Prana health center, and she was able to visit PPES in the fall of 2015 to be a part of the dedication ceremony. During that visit to PPES, Julie surveyed the teenage students on health beliefs and knowledge, and then led health education classes to answer their questions regarding reproductive health. She also participated in a PPES health clinic for the local community of Anupshahr. Julie feels that her visit to PPES was absolutely life-changing. “For my first few days in Anupshahr, she focused on the lack of basic provisions that the people had in their lives. However, after a few days at PPES, she was able to see past those extreme discrepancies and focus on all that PPES is offering to these girls and to the local community. In the midst of poverty and chaos, PPES is an oasis of order, health, security and hope to these girls and their families. Julie left inspired by all that PPES has achieved an immense hope for the future of that community.” Julie serves on the PPES U.S. Advisory Board.